City Clerk

A successful city governmental administration will have in place an accountable and verifiable system of financial,  data and legal information. The critical data must be entered and stored within a logical system of retrieval,  accessibility, and presented in a clear and understandable format. That responsibility comes under the domain of  City Clerk, Robin Henderson. She has held the position of City Clerk for Inman for the past fifteen years, and has been at the City for twenty years.

Robin handles all financial transactions (accounts payables and receivables) and reports on financials during  monthly Council meetings. She attends every Council meeting and takes the minutes of all meetings.

She is also the Court Clerk, and sits by Municipal Judge Jimmy Henson during all Court proceedings. Robin handles retirement, insurance transactions, and reports. She reports all financial information to Accountant,  State, and Federal departments. Mrs. Henderson also assists the Police Department with warrants, correct filing of  tickets and all fines received.

The City Clerk can be reached by phone at 864-472-6200 ext 1.