Inman City Fire Department

Fire Chief– Chris Cothran

In Fire Chief Chris Cothran’s words, “The Mission of the Inman Fire Department is to provide superior service to the citizens of the Inman community, in an effort to protect their lives, property, and environment. The members of the department will accomplish the mission through fire suppression, fire prevention, public education, emergency response and non-emergency response. The Department will maintain the highest level of readiness enabling delivery of firefighting and emergency rescue services in a safe, competent, and caring manner.

To ensure a successful firefighting program for the City of Inman, Chief Cothran calls upon his over 30-years’ fire industry experience; 25 years serving with the City of Inman. Chief Cothran is responsible for responding to all fire calls with in the City Fire District, conducts monthly training for all firefighting personnel, helps volunteers become certified, helps with all traffic accidents and is called upon during certain police calls.

Jeff Bailey
Brad Bennett
Cornelius Huff
Lee Inman
Mark Moore
Larry Bagwell
Ronnie Wilder
Ben Cothran
James Cantrell
Sean Gosnell
Joseph Stewart
Lee Files
Daryl Workman
Ken Dittemore
Jimmy Bobo