Inman City Police Department

As to whether a city prospers or fails often hinges on its ability to enforce the law and maintain the domestic tranquility. Thanks to an outstanding police department, the City of Inman is a safe place to live and do business.

The City of Inman Police Department is presently staffed with 9 full time officers, and 6 reserve officers.

Chief Keith Tucker has been working with the City of Inman since 1998. Chief Tucker acts as the primary contact for all domestic, criminal, and vehicle issues. A firm advocate of keeping the peace at all times, Chief Tucker, never the less, will give tickets, or take to jail anyone breaking the laws of the state or city. Chief Tucker handles all in-house training for the City’s police officers. All officers must be certified through the State, and will go to the Police Academy before they are allowed to ride a patrol car by themselves. Chief Tucker is in court during all proceedings and advises officers on how to write tickets, handle domestic issues, drug raids and, in effect, all criminal activity. There are 8 full-time, certified Police Officers, including the Chief. Chief Tucker encourages good and well-motivated citizens of Inman to come and qualify to be on the Reserve Team.

Chief Tucker Recently established a Community Crime Watch. If anyone is interested in participating, please call City Hall to sign up. A community crime watch meeting is held every 3 months for all citizens who are interested in keeping up with what is happening in his/her neighborhood and to voice any concerns.

Police Officers
Keith Tucker – Chief
Josh Blair -Corporal/Investigations
Brian Hall -Sergeant/K-9 Unit
Michael Cooper – K-9 Unit
Ray Mullinax
Steve Medler
Roger Morton
Malcolm Ford
Greg Irwin – Chapman High School Resource Officer

Reserve Police Officers
Rita Emory – Lieutenant/Victim Advocate
Andreˊ Brown
Cory Pucetas
Cody Pucetas
Paul Ricardi
Phillip Stewart

Bill Holland, Police Chaplain – Law enforcement is one of the top-ranking stress-producing jobs anywhere. It’s Bill’s job to be on and off crime scenes, administering to the crisis and spiritual needs of those men and women who serve in the City of Inman’s Police Department. Bill, who has served as a Patrolman for the State of Maryland before coming to Inman, has the unique qualifications both as a police officer and minister with which to administer his counsel to his fellow law enforcement officers. He’s been on the job since 1996, and it’s Bill who rides with officers, attends all court proceedings, counsels with families of victims, and helps anyone in need.