City Council

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Pictured Left to Right: Kevin Newman, Cornelius Huff, Ginger Morrow, and Ray Rogers

The City of Inman determines its goals and governmental direction by the actions, advice and consent of the City Council.  The Council is a publicly elected body from a field of nominees who are City of Inman residents.

The Mayor of Inman serves as the Chairman of the Council and is presently complemented by four Councilors. One Councilor  is selected as Mayor pro tem to serve as acting mayor in the absence of the mayor. The customary titles for a City Councilor  are, ‘Councilmember’ or ‘Councilman and Councilwoman’. The City Council convenes once a month at City Hall.

The Council generally functions as a parliamentary or congressional style legislative body, proposing bills, holding votes,  authoring ordinances and passing laws to help govern the City of Inman. All residents of the City of Inman are encouraged to  run for the routinely elected position of Councilor. For more information, call City Hall at 864-472-6200.


Cornelius Huff – Mayor
Ginger McGuire

Kevin Newman
Ray Rogers
Melvin Fowler