Office of the Mayor

photo“As you have read on our home page, the City of Inman is twenty five miles away from the literal edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and only a short drive further to the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest, in addition to the highest peaks in the Appalachian Mountains. To our East, South and Northeast – and thanks to the close intersection of two major Interstate highways, Routes 26 and 85 – the City of Inman is within comfortable driving distance to Columbia, SC, Atlanta and Augusta, GA, Knoxville and Nashville, TN, and Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, NC. Our closest, prosperous, neighboring cities are Spartanburg and Greenville, SC.

“There are sound logistical and financial reasons why the industry giants BMW (Bavarian Motor Werke Group) and Michelin U.S. have chosen to locate their impressively large factories in South Carolina – this state is very hospitable to industry. And, the City of Inman is an ideal living location for the workers, and their families, who are employed by not only BMW and Michelin, but also the manufacturing facilities of all the industries supporting those major manufacturers. The list of other industries throughout the Greater Inman Area is very impressive.

“Our City of Inman is also in very close proximity to the higher education campuses of the University of South Carolina-Upstate, Wofford College, Spartanburg Methodist College, Converse College, Furman University, Clemson University, Greenville Technical College and Isothermal Community College; in addition to advanced electronics and computer sciences technical schools. Our city grade, middle and high schools offer our children the best educational and sports programs available.

“Like our web presence, our city – The City of Inman – is a city ‘on the grow’. We look forward to growing into the enterprising future of our area. The City of Inman is continually in the process of constructive, logical expansion that will bring the best of services to our citizenry and our neighbors. We are continually upgrading and enhancing the capabilities of our police, fire fighting, utilities and wastewater facilities so as to better accommodate the comfortable lifestyle of both our residents and our businesses.

“Major banking, food services, real estate, construction and educational outlets are plentiful and highly visible within the City in addition to being conveniently nearby for easy access by our citizens. Healthcare facilities and world-class hospitals are quickly reached. The City of Inman is continuing to expand its community activities agenda with festive and cultural events happening throughout the year. Our City government is vibrant and openly hospitable to participation by our citizenry. A resident of the City of Inman is encouraged to run for any and all elected offices; encouraged to participate in the maintenance, well being and expansion of a community that is increasingly making its way into the progressive Twenty First Century. Inman is one of those ‘areas of choice’ where people from all over the United States come to retire, live and enjoy an easier, less hectic lifestyle.

“Inman, SC, was founded in 1882, by the railroad industrialist Samuel M. Inman when he constructed a rail line connecting Atlanta with major cities in and to the west of the Appalachians. More important, Mr. Inman saw the need to be able to transport by rail the produce and products grown and manufactured by Inman farmers and textile plants. Inman, SC, is known as the ‘Fresh Peach Capital’ of South Carolina, a state that produces a peach crop that surpasses that of our neighboring states. The rail line, now the Norfolk & Southern, additionally hauls major tonnage of wood chips from facilities to the north to paper mills in both South Carolina and Georgia. The City of Inman is ideally located at the crossroads of rail and Interstate highway logistics.

“By viewing the contents of this web site, it is my fond desire that you come to know us, both as a city that offers a tremendous quality-of-life benefit to its residents and their families, and, concurrently, as a community that offers a marvelous opportunity and atmosphere for doing business.

“As Mayor of the City of Inman, I invite you to come visit us, to enjoy recreational activities here, in the nearby mountains, on Lake Bowen, and perhaps you just may want to move here and become a proud citizen of the City of Inman. We welcome one and all.”

Cornelius Huff, Mayor