Music on Mill is canceled due to the potential for severe weather on June 7, 2019. The Inman Ignites Car Show is rescheduled for Friday, June 14th from 6-9 pm.
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Inman Fresh Farmers Market

Inman Fresh Farmers Market

Inman Fresh Farmers Market

Fresh & Local

The Inman Fresh Farmers Market is located at 10 North Howard Street every Saturday from 8am through 1pm, May through October. 

The market provides a wonderful opportunity purchase the freshest, local ingredients directly from the farmers who grow them. 

Come by to shop and not only will you get the freshest ingredients possible, but you will get to know the farmers who make the market happen and see their passion for what they do: providing you with top quality products is what they work hard for every day, what they love to do, and it shines through in their product. 

In addition to fresh produce, our vendors also offer crafts, canned and baked goods, and other homemade treats.

There's nothing quite like getting your ingredients directly from the source. It's a difference you can taste and feel.

So be sure to make the Inman Fresh Farmers Market a part of your Saturday routine. And don't forget to thank our farmers and vendors for making fresh ingredients available to us!
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