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City of Inman Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment

About the Wastewater Treatment Department

The Wastewater Treatment Department operates a collection and treatment system for wastewater generated within and adjacent to the City limits. The Sewer Superintendent, Jeff Bailey, has worked with the City for 20 years and has over 30 years of experience in the wastewater treatment industry. Our customer base includes the following users:

How to Connect to the City of Inman Collection System:

  1. Contractor or Homeowner(s) must sign Annexation Agreement if not already in City.
  2. Tap fees must be paid for in full. If a sub-division, pay as houses are being built but before connecting.
  3. The City of Inman recommends installing clean-outs on the service line, every 100′ of pipe. Inspection Fee of $50.00 will be added to all sewer permits.
  4. The City of Inman issues all sewer applications/permits for buildings and homes. A 48-hour notice is to be given before an inspection can be done.
  5. Submit the proposed plans to the City of Inman.
  6. The City of Inman inspects the property once the tap is made and the structure is connected (from the point of where the tap is made, back to the structure.
  7. The City of Inman will sign off on the building sewer permit.
  8. The City of Inman will issue a letter of Public Sewer Certification.
  9. The City of Inman will issue a commitment letter to accept the collection lines, provide maintenance, and treat waste associated with the project. This commitment to provide maintenance and capacity for this project is contingent upon DHEC approval and City of Inman final approval.
  10. Submit the "as-built" plans to the City of Inman.
  11. Submit all engineering test results.
  12. The City of Inman will issue a final acceptance letter for the collection lines, provide maintenance, and treat waste associated with the project.

Help Us Prevent Backups

Cooperation from you, our customer, will help us prevent sewer backups and costly repairs.

Please do NOT:

As a courtesy to our customers, and to protect the environment, Wastewater Treatment Department crews frequently respond to calls involving sewer backups. If you experience a backup, our crews can conduct a courtesy inspection.

Many times, after conducting an inspection, however, we discover that the blockage exists within the customer's service line leading to the sewer main.

Please keep in mind that the sewer line is the customer's responsibility from the home/business leading to the City's sewer main. In cases where we determine that the blockage exists within the customer's sewer line, then it is the property owner's responsibility to correct the problem.
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