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What is annexation?

Annexation simply means bringing your property inside the corporate limits of the City of Inman. No major changes in lifestyle or business operation are involved. Annexation is the best way for urban and suburban areas to receive services such as police, garbage and trash collection, sewer services, and other municipal services. Ordinances guide development in accordance with the community's existing and future needs. They protect, promote, and improve the public health, safety, morals, convenience, appearance, prosperity and general welfare of the City of Inman.

Please see the brochures on this page for more information about annexation.

What is the City's goal in pursuing annexation, in general and specifically?

Growth is generally considered good because it expands services in urban areas, expands the tax base, increases the population, and involves more citizens in the political process which affects the level of service they receive.

Under what circumstances may a property owner be annexed without his/her consent?

A method, the 75% petition, may be used for multiple parcels. This property must be contiguous to the City at some point. At least 75% of all property owners within the petition area must sign, and the signatories must also represent 75% of the total assessed land value.

Business Annexation Advantages

Businesses located within the City of Inman enjoy numerous benefits, including street lights, lower rates and fees for sewer services, taxes paid to the City are tax deductible, police and fire protection, and more.
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